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Security in the Cloud

Trust and Security in the Cloud

The myths and realities of hosted applications

The delivery of cloud based application functionality via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model frequently sparks a vigorous debate on security-related concerns. It is common to hear IT professionals question whether service providers can be trusted to look after critical and confidential business data. But while the concerns may be real, are they justified or is it a case of being wary of the unknown while overlooking the shortcomings of internal systems?
This report by Freeform Dynamics covers:

-  Introduction
-  Security and privacy are real concerns for most companies
-  SaaS adoption is limited today, but there is growing interest
-  Experience leads to a security revelation
-  On-premise security is no bed of roses
-  Users are a weak link in the security chain
-  Success requires a longer term view
-  Experience of SaaS providers varies so careful selection is vital
-  Discussion and conclusion.

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