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The Data Sharing Paradox

Small businesses acknowledge that enabling access to data for remote employees and users from external organisations is fundamental to ensuring the on-going efficiency of the processes that drive their businesses. However, they also worry about the risks involved.

This report looks at the degree to which small businesses are sharing data today, the ways in which they are doing so and the real and perceived risks. It goes on to look at how these risks can be mitigated and draws on primary research to look at the scale of the problem supported by data from 350 interviews with organisations with between 3 and about 100 employees in Europe, USA and Australia.  Topics include:

-  Introduction: the data sharing paradox
-  Sharing data
-  Turning to the cloud
-  Remote enablement
-  Protecting devices; protecting data
-  Side benefits
-  Conclusions

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Posted: 31-Oct-2011 Format: PDF Length: 10 pages Activity: 2811 views

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