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Security Breach

Security Breach: An act from outside an organization that bypasses or contravenes security policies, practices, or procedures. A similar internal act is called security violation. (Source:

Customer Records Remain Primary Target in Data Breach Efforts

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There exists a certain contingent of cybercriminals which perpetrates computer break-ins to make political statements, to demonstrate their prowess in front of their peers, or just for the thrill of it. But bored hackers living in their parents’ basements make up only a small percentage; according to a Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report from Trustwave Spider Labs, 89 percent of their investigations involved the theft of customer records. Today, hackers and cybercriminals are in it for ...   read more

75% of Mobile Security Breaches Due to Misconfiguration

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According to analysts at Gartner, 75% of all mobile security breaches in the enterprise are due to the misconfiguration of mobile apps. This is a worrying statistic, not least because the analysts believe that by 2017 the focus will shift for attackers from PCs onto mobile and tablet devices as attacks on mobile devices continue to "mature”. In order for an attack to do any "significant damage” to a mobile device, it must have been altered at an administrative level. ...   read more

93% of Corporations Suffered 2012 Security Breach

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According to a recent publication from the UK’s Cabinet Office, 93% of large organisations and 76% of SMBs suffered some form of cyber breach this year. "With the cost for a security breach estimated between £110,000-250,000 for large businesses and £15,000-30,000 for smaller ones, these are losses which UK businesses can ill afford,” the latest report stated. Whilst the UK has a very healthy internet-based economy, worth around £82bn per year and risi ...   read more

Adobe Server Compromised by Hackers

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Adobe has released a security advisory after it found that one of its build servers had been compromised and used to create malicious files for signing digital certificates. All security certificate issued by the server from June 10th this year are expected to be recalled by the 4th October 2012. Whilst Adobe say that the vast majority of PC users will not be affected, they will also be issuing a software security update in the near future. "However, some cust ...   read more

Amazon opens up about cloud security breach

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Amazon has shed new light on the cloud security issues which saw a number of its platforms suffering from outages last week. Placeholder0According to the firm, most user systems and data are now fully restored, although a fraction of its volumes stored in the eastern US will not be fully recoverable. "The vast majority of affected volumes have now been recovered," the company said. "We're in the process of contacting a limited ...   read more

Anonymous take down US Sentencing Commission

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Hackers claiming to be a part of hacktist group Anonymous have attacked the US Sentencing Commission website in protest of the way that fellow hacker Aaron Swartz was treated by the authorities. Mr Swartz, 26, recently took his own life whilst he was awaiting trial for the hacking of online journals, which he claimed was a "political statement”. He was an advocate of internet freedom and whilst he had a history of depression, his friends and family have said that it was the thr ...   read more

Apple iCloud Attacked

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A US journalist has had his entire ‘digital life’ deleted after Apple’s support team were tricked into resetting his iCloud account. Mat Honan not only lost control and data on all of his Apple devices; an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, but the attacker also took over his Twitter, Gizmodo and Google accounts, A hacker later contacted Mr Honan and claimed his victory, but left Honan confused as to how this had taken place as it wasn’t what anyone would consider a ‘hack’ as such. ...   read more

Britain’s businesses attacked on “industrial scale”

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Businesses in the UK are coming in for cyberattacks on an "industrial scale”, according to GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban. In an interview with the BBC , Sir Lobban said that some companies had been affected for up to two years, with Britain seeing about 70 "sophisticated” attacks each ...   read more

Businesses struggle to comply with PCI standards, study shows

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Too many businesses are putting consumers' confidential information at risk because they are struggling to comply with the Payment Card Industry's (PCI) data security standards. A recent audit conducted by Verizon showed that just 21 per cent of 100 organisations met the necessary PCI criteria. Placeholder0According to the report, companies fell particularly short on pro ...   read more

Cyber security breaches could cost firms 5% of turnover

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New legislation could ensure businesses take cloud security more seriously as European ministers plan to fine firms five per cent of their turnover for data breaches, according to new documents published by the Financial Times.The European Commission is intent on tackling the data security problems that have plagued businesses of late, however, the rules about how much to fine firms an ...   read more

Data Security Now a “Board Room Issue”

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A recent study carried out by dataIQ has indicated that data and its security is now a "board room issue”, with more than 60% of data professionals questioned confirming that data security is addressed at this level. The results indicate that data security and compliance are now being taken more seriously by many organisations. However, 25% of those surveyed said that the issue is only "taken seriously in ...   read more

D-Link Router Vulnerability to be Fixed by Halloween

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A backdoor exploit found in several models of domestic router made by D-Link will be closed by Halloween, D-Link say, following revelations that many of the firm’s consumer-grade devices allow unauthorised access to the admin web page that controls the device. On Monday, The Register reported  read more

European businesses urged to keep data in Europe

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European businesses adopting cloud computing infrastructure solutions - like cloud-based storage - have been urged to make sure their data is kept on the continent and not overseas. According to legal expert Theo Bosboom, of Dirkzager Lawyers, shipping data overseas during IT infrastructure overhauls can cause problems further down the line.Speaking to Tech World, Mr Bosboom sai ...   read more

Facebook Team up with Security Vendors

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Facebook have teamed up with five leading anti-virus vendors to create Facebook Antivirus Marketplace in an attempt to slow the spread of malware around the site. Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec are the security firms involved and the new page offers cut price and free antivirus solutions to interested surfers. read more

Gartner predicts rise in low-cost cloud computing

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IT analyst Gartner has predicted that low-cost cloud computing is set grow in popularity over the next three-to-five years. The firm believes that the transition will reset businesses' perceptions of pricing and value in the marketplace.Gartner believes that IT infrastructure outsourcing revenues will be dramatically affected as a result. "The projected $1 trillion (£640 bill ...   read more

Google Breach UK Privacy Laws

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Google is in trouble over data collected during its Street View mapping project again, after it emerged that the search company still hasn’t deleted user data that it agreed to do in November 2010. The company came forward with the information, stating that a mistake had led to some of the information being retained. The UK’s Information Commissioner (ICO) has told the firm to hand over the data immediately, "so that [they] can subject it to forensic analysis before deciding o ...   read more

'Growth is dependent on IT security'

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The UK's economic future is dependent on the widespread adoption of high-quality IT security solutions - particularly secure online transaction technology. According to Owen Pengelly, deputy director of policy at the Office for Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Cabinet Office, people need to have trust in technology if the UK is to maintain economic growth. Placeholder0Speaking at the 2011 Trusted Computing Seminar, the minister noted that there is both an economic a ...   read more

Heartbleed Clean-up Could Take Months

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The massive task of cleaning up after the Heartbleed bug could take months, according to leading research company Secunia. In an interview with The Register , Kasper Lindgaard, Secunia head of research said that "everybody is now playing catch-up", especially as more and ...   read more

Heartbleed Used against Cyber-crooks

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Security researchers have used the Heartbleed bug to access forums on the cyber-underworld where crooks trade data, according to a report from the BBC. According to one anti-malware researcher, known only as Stephen K, the bug has left many of the forums in a "critical” position and vulnerable to attack. However, the attacks are coming in the form of specially written tools which allow security professionals to target closed forums. The forums are usually exceptionally difficult ...   read more

Kaspersky: Mask Malware Been Around for 7 Years

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Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs has this week revealed that ‘Mask’, a sophisticated form of malware thought to be one of the most advanced threats ever seen, has been targeting victims for seven years. Mask, the name of which is taken from the Spanish ‘Careto’, a word that appears regularly in the core code, was uncovered last week and is thought to have compromised numerous machines in 31 countries. For the most part, the malware is aimed at businesses and ...   read more

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