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Data Breach

Data Breach: A data breach is a security incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data is copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so." Data breaches may involve financial information such as credit card or bank details, personal health information (PHI), Personally identifiable information (PII), trade secrets of corporations or intellectual property ( Source: Wikipedia)

Unifying Data Encryption

Section: Research
With the growing emphasis on the need to protect sensitive data, encryption has become a focus of interest for organisations worldwide. Yet data encryption has long had its challenges in deployment. If you are responsible for the protection of sensitive information in a Linux environment and often find yourself wondering which way to turn when it comes to simple transparent and unified data encryption, this paper will interest you.
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2012 Data Breach Investigations Report

Section: Research
An insightful study, packed full of useful, well-presented data on information security breaches covering a dataset of 855 confirmed security breaches accounting for a combined 174 million compromised records. Complied with the collaboration of enforcement agencies from around the world, including the US Secret Service, Verizon’s 2012 report shows that many security breaches are the results of more than one threat action (malware, hacking, social, misuse, physic ...   read more

Customer Records Remain Primary Target in Data Breach Efforts

Section: Articles
There exists a certain contingent of cybercriminals which perpetrates computer break-ins to make political statements, to demonstrate their prowess in front of their peers, or just for the thrill of it. But bored hackers living in their parents’ basements make up only a small percentage; according to a Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report from Trustwave Spider Labs, 89 percent of their investigations involved the theft of customer records. Today, hackers and cybercriminals are in it for ...   read more

A fifth not PCI compliant, says Gartner

Section: News
Gartner has found that almost a fifth of firms are not compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). The research specialist believes that the gap is hugely surprising considering the importance placed on PCI DSS compliance by tech firms.Lawrence Pingree, research director at Gartner, said that it was clear from the survey results that security solution providers n ...   read more

Anonymous take down US Sentencing Commission

Section: News
Hackers claiming to be a part of hacktist group Anonymous have attacked the US Sentencing Commission website in protest of the way that fellow hacker Aaron Swartz was treated by the authorities. Mr Swartz, 26, recently took his own life whilst he was awaiting trial for the hacking of online journals, which he claimed was a "political statement”. He was an advocate of internet freedom and whilst he had a history of depression, his friends and family have said that it was the thr ...   read more

App developers 'increasingly reliant on cloud scalability'

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Application developers are increasingly relying on the cost and scalability benefits of cloud computing - particularly as the infrastructure solution becomes a mainstream technology. As a result, according to Datapipe, cloud computing is a vital part of enterprise IT strategic planning and software developers are slowly adopting this mindset.Ed Laczynski, Datapipe's vice president f ...   read more

Cloud security 'the most pressing issue'

Section: News
Cloud security should be seen by businesses and governments as the most pressing issue when it comes to IT infrastructure and applications   read more

Cyber security breaches could cost firms 5% of turnover

Section: News
New legislation could ensure businesses take cloud security more seriously as European ministers plan to fine firms five per cent of their turnover for data breaches, according to new documents published by the Financial Times.The European Commission is intent on tackling the data security problems that have plagued businesses of late, however, the rules about how much to fine firms an ...   read more

Data security – the $100 billion problem that companies must fight

Section: News
The data security debate rumbles on as 71 per cent of merchants claim to have stored unencrypted card data in 2011. The figures, published following a survey by merchant data leader SecurityMetrics, highlight the need for firms to encrypt their data and continue the fight against hackers and thieves. In his blog, SPVA spokesperson Steven Hughes wrote: “These are troubling numbers, especially for an industry marked by ever-changing technology and increasingly sophisticated hack ...   read more

Facebook Team up with Security Vendors

Section: News
Facebook have teamed up with five leading anti-virus vendors to create Facebook Antivirus Marketplace in an attempt to slow the spread of malware around the site. Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec are the security firms involved and the new page offers cut price and free antivirus solutions to interested surfers. read more

Firms must encrypt all data, experts warn

Section: News
Companies are being urged to use data encryption methods to protect all of their data. According to a recent eWeek survey, 90 per cent of companies use encryption techniques for data security, although many organisations only encrypt certain data if legally required. The report also said enterprises are increasingly using data encryption along with traditional firewal ...   read more

Gartner predicts rise in low-cost cloud computing

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IT analyst Gartner has predicted that low-cost cloud computing is set grow in popularity over the next three-to-five years. The firm believes that the transition will reset businesses' perceptions of pricing and value in the marketplace.Gartner believes that IT infrastructure outsourcing revenues will be dramatically affected as a result. "The projected $1 trillion (£640 bill ...   read more

Google May Face UK Investigation

Section: News
The director-general of Privacy International has asked Scotland Yard to reopen the investigation into Google over its collection of data used in Street View. The search giants were fined $25,000 last month by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for collecting personal data from unsecured Wi-Fi connections as it compiled images for Street View between 2007 and 2010. The FCC said that Google had initially denied the claims and had repeatedly "deliberately impeded and delaye ...   read more

Growth "assured" in IT security market due to targeted attacks, BYOD trends

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The global security technology and services market is set to reach an overall figure of $67.2bn this year, according to analysts at Gartner, representing an expected increase of 8.7%. Additionally, it’s thought that the market will reach over $86bn by 2016 due to security being one of the "top IT concern areas”. This means that strong growth over the course of the next few years is "assured”, according to research director Ruggero Contu. "The consistent increases in the comp ...   read more

Hackers have lofty aims for 2012

Section: News
The hacking community is hoping to launch its own communications satellite so that it can stay connected during economic and natural disasters. The desire to create a modular terrestrial base station and receiver unit for the purposes of hacking shows how far cyber criminals are willing to go to compromise cloud security.The announcement comes hot on the heels of a huge number of successful attacks perpetrated against high-profile businesses - like Sony - government organisations and i ...   read more

LinkedIn Passwords Leaked

Section: News
LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has confirmed that over six million of its user's passwords have been compromised and posted on a Russian web forum. According to a report by the BBC, the post also invites members of the hacking community to help decrypt the encrypted passwords. LinkedIn said that affected users will receive an email advising them that their account has been compromised with a reset password link and instructions on how to do so. Members that have ...   read more

Massive Cyber-Attack Discovered by Kaspersky

Section: News
Security experts at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a "highly sophisticated malicious program” that has attacked several countries and is thought to be state sponsored. Newly discovered malware, ‘Flame', is described as being more complex and functional than any other cyber-weapon seen previously. The malware is designed to carry out cyber-espionage and is capable of stealing valuable information such as screen shots, system information, stored files, contact data and audio record ...   read more

Microsoft Release Patch for Zero-Day IE Bug

Section: News
Microsoft has released a temporary fix for a zero-day exploit which affects all versions of Internet Explorer 6-10. The company don’t often step outside their usual bug-fixing patch Tuesday, but as this exploit is "actively attacking” the browser, it’s been forced to. An advisory allows users to access "F ...   read more

New EU Data Law Will Impact Companies with an Online Presence in Europe

Section: News
Details of the new EU data protection law have been announced. The bill seeks to reform EU data regulations and save an estimated €2.3 billion in costs, implement pan-European regulation, and deliver a competitive edge to European companies.  Among the requirements of the new regulations is a mandate that companies seek user consent prior to using private data.  In addition, a separate rule requires that businesses reveal details of any data breach to affected ind ...   read more

Public confidence in data security 'in jeopardy'

Section: News
The public's confidence in private sector data security is in jeopardy as the number of breaches taking place increases. According to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), there is growing concern about the security of personal information provided to private companies - especially in light of the high-profile hacking attacks targeted at Sony's PlayStation Network. Placeholder0A lack of trust is being fostered by some companies, who are not entirely clear abo ...   read more

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