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DR-as-a-Service: A combination of the acronyms DR (disaster recovery) and SaaS (software as a service / storage as a service). The term DR-as-a-Service refers to an "always on" hosted disaster recovery solution, where the service provider or vendor, is responsible for deploying and managing applications and services required to support an organization's mission critical activities. DR-as-a-Service targets small and medium sized businesses (SMB) by eliminating the need for upfront capital expenditure for  in-house IT expertise, and hardware deployments. As with SaaS, DR-as-a-Service is hosted remotely and pricing is based on a monthly fee.  (Source: Webopedia)

Enabling Rapid and Effective IT Recovery

Section: Research
This report is based on a research study based on 160 interviews with small and medium businesses across the United Kingdom, France and Germany The research findings provide some important insights including: Most SMBs take measures to permit systems recovery following a major operational incident, however significant disaster recovery (DR) gaps and shortfalls often exist. DR initiatives ...   read more

Cloud recovery is getting more popular, reports Gartner

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The number of businesses adopting cloud computing-based disaster recovery solutions is increasing and, according to Gartner, 30 per cent of mid-sized enterprises will be using the technology by 2014. Recovery-as-a-service (RaaS), as it is known, is a top performing market partly because of the increasing prominence of threats from hackers and malicious software. Placeholder0Gartner also believes that other reasons the technology is proving popular among medium-sized businesses is ...   read more