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Cyber Threat

Cyber Threat: Cyber threats - Threats of damage via the Internet and email.  (Source:

2012 Data Breach Investigations Report

Section: Research
An insightful study, packed full of useful, well-presented data on information security breaches covering a dataset of 855 confirmed security breaches accounting for a combined 174 million compromised records. Complied with the collaboration of enforcement agencies from around the world, including the US Secret Service, Verizon’s 2012 report shows that many security breaches are the results of more than one threat action (malware, hacking, social, misuse, physic ...   read more

“Bouncer” Phishing Kit 'Laser-targets' Victims

Section: News
A new phishing kit has been discovered by security experts at RSA which targets its victims specifically, depending on their computer set-up and email address. RSA report  that phishing attacks grew again last year, a huge 59% higher than 2011, at a cost to the global economy of $1.5 ...   read more

93% of Corporations Suffered 2012 Security Breach

Section: News
According to a recent publication from the UK’s Cabinet Office, 93% of large organisations and 76% of SMBs suffered some form of cyber breach this year. "With the cost for a security breach estimated between £110,000-250,000 for large businesses and £15,000-30,000 for smaller ones, these are losses which UK businesses can ill afford,” the latest report stated. Whilst the UK has a very healthy internet-based economy, worth around £82bn per year and risi ...   read more

Additional Java Exploit Discovered

Section: News
Just days after the release of a critical update for Java, ahead of Oracle’s usual quarterly patch release, another exploit has been discovered by Polish security experts. However, whilst the exploit affects the latest Java SE Update 7, no incidences have yet been found in the wild. It seems the "bug” is related to the previous one that Security Explorations found, which a patch was released for last week, the security firm’s CEO Adam Gowdiak read more

Bogus LinkedIn Invites Lead to Malware

Section: News
False LinkedIn 'invitation to connect' emails are doing the rounds which appear genuine but actually lead users who click on the links to malware infected websites. The email appears to come from members of popular businesses and recipients are invited to click on the usual "accept” or "ignore” buttons, there is also an unsubscribe link which also directs users to infected sites. The mail uses the LinkedIn logo and is ...   read more

Bumper Patch Tuesday to Fix IE Vulnerabilities

Section: News
All versions of Internet Explorer (IE) from 6 to 10 will need to install updates from Microsoft this month in order to address critical vulnerabilities in the browser. This month is set to be a bumper month all round for Microsoft software, with a total of 57 security holes in IE, Windows XP, 2003 and Vista, Microsoft Server Software, Office and the .NET framework. According to Micro ...   read more

Businesses are 'willing to ignore cyber threats'

Section: News
Businesses deem cyber security to be a major consideration but at the same time are willing to accept high levels of risk - taking a hands-off approach to the problem. New research from Chatham House has shown that cyber security should no longer be seen as an ICT department problem, as complacency can cause untold damage. Placeholder0The organisation noted that the potential for reputational and financial damage is too high to be ignored by small and large firms alike, and sugges ...   read more

Cambridge Scientists Study Skynet Risk

Section: News
A group of researchers from Cambridge are to study the risk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over the human race. Not only this, but "many scientists” are concerned that human technology developments may "pose extinction-level risks to our species as a whole”. This is due not only to the threat posed by AI and robotics, but also by advances in biotechnology and artificial life, nanotechnology and of course, climate change. The C ...   read more

Companies 'are unaware they have a data security problem'

Section: News
The vast majority of companies are unaware they have a data security problem, according to the Centre for Cyber Security. Associate at the organisation Mark Dempster believes too many corporations lose data through phishing attacks without even realising it. Placeholder0He suggested firms may notice the security of their system has been compromised, but some wrongly assume that a stan ...   read more

Cyber Attacks 9/11 Warning

Section: News
The US defence secretary Leon Panetta has warned that cyber-attacks on the country could inflict as much damage as the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He said that intelligence has shown that "foreign actors” were already targeting US systems and that the country is preparing to take pre-emptive action to fend off such attack; these could come about by targeting utility systems, industry and transport. Panetta said that this could take the form of an attack from an agg ...   read more

Cybercrime costs UK economy £27bn

Section: News
Prime minster David Cameron has announced that tackling cybercrime is a top priority in the UK as hackers and scammers cost the country £27 billion a year. Mr Cameron said the only way the country was going to overcome the problem, however, was by working with other nations, businesses and security organisations. Placeholder0He claimed that cybercrime seemed endemic to the internet and the scale at which criminals were trading personal information was unprecedented. Speaking at a ...   read more

Cybercrime presents an 'epic challenge'

Section: News
Overcoming cybercrime will be an epic challenge that will require international cooperation between governments and industry. According to Anthony O'Mara, senior vice president for Trend Micro Europe, the Middle East and Africa, domestic cyber security initiatives like those proposed by the UK are welcome, but they are not the solution to the problem. Placeholder0Mr O'Mara believes that resources and knowledge should be pooled to create a worldwide defence force against hackers an ...   read more

Cybercriminals Will Adopt NSA Tactics

Section: News
Security expert Bruce Schneier has warned that cyber crooks will soon have the ability to adopt tactics similar to those used by the NSA at the RSA 2014 Conference taking place in the US this week. "The NSA techniques give about a three to five year lead on what cyber-criminals will do," he said at the security conference in San Francisco.

  read more

Data security – the $100 billion problem that companies must fight

Section: News
The data security debate rumbles on as 71 per cent of merchants claim to have stored unencrypted card data in 2011. The figures, published following a survey by merchant data leader SecurityMetrics, highlight the need for firms to encrypt their data and continue the fight against hackers and thieves. In his blog, SPVA spokesperson Steven Hughes wrote: “These are troubling numbers, especially for an industry marked by ever-changing technology and increasingly sophisticated hack ...   read more

Data Security Now a “Board Room Issue”

Section: News
A recent study carried out by dataIQ has indicated that data and its security is now a "board room issue”, with more than 60% of data professionals questioned confirming that data security is addressed at this level. The results indicate that data security and compliance are now being taken more seriously by many organisations. However, 25% of those surveyed said that the issue is only "taken seriously in ...   read more

FBI Monitoring Web for Terrorist Activity

Section: News
A report from Total Telecom, one of the leading sources for global telecommunications information, has found that the FBI and other security agencies are monitoring the internet for terrorist activity. The report cites Google as the source for this, as it released figures under the Google Tran ...   read more

HMRC & NHS Unprepared for XP Support Deadline

Section: News
Thousands of PCs belonging to UK public sector organisations are expected to miss the deadline for upgrading from Windows XP in April 2014. It’s thought that this will mean that some of the UK’s most important government departments, such as HMRC and the NHS, will still be running the old OS following the date when Microsoft stop issuing security updates. According to The Regist ...   read more

ISPs Take DNSChanger Over from FBI

Section: News
Concerns over the possible impact of botnet trojan DNSChanger could be unfounded after the FBI servers were taken down yesterday, as reports suggest that ISPs have stepped in with their own DNS servers so that infected machines have even more time to clean up, whilst still being able to access the internet. The alleged four-million-strong botnet was taken down by the FB ...   read more

IT Skills Gap Could Affect Fight against Cybercrime

Section: News
A National Audit Office (NAO) review on the cybercrime strategy has found that whilst the strategy is beginning to deliver benefits, the lack of IT skills could harm efforts to fight cybercrime in the long term. The UK Cyber Security Strategy was published in November 2011 ...   read more

IT Skills Gap Could Harm UK Economy

Section: News
A report from UK technology job site Technojobs has revealed that whilst jobs in the technology sector continue to rise, there are not enough graduates to fill vacant positions. This, they say, is in danger of leaving the UK economy exposed as future generations fail to show enough interest in the subject. According to Technojobs, IT has l ...   read more

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