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Security Policy

Security Policy: Security policy is a definition of what it means to be secure for a system, organization or other entity.  For an organization, it addresses the constraints on behavior of its members as well as constraints imposed on adversaries by mechanisms such as doors, locks, keys and walls. For systems, the security policy addresses constraints on functions and flow among them, constraints on access by external systems and adversaries including programs and access to data by people.  (Source: Wikipedia)

A Value Proposition for IT Security

Section: Research
IT departments are facing three big issues when it comes to protecting the data created and stored on the systems they manage. First, the value of the data is often only realised when it is legitimately shared in some way; second, that sharing is increasingly taking place across public networks and third, the users doing the sharing are doing so on a growing diversity of devices in locations that are convenient to them. Whilst the three issues hel ...   read more

12 Steps to becoming PCI Compliant

Section: Articles
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (abbreviated to PCI DSS or commonly, just PCI) is a set of 12 requirements designed to secure and protect customer payment data. These 12 requirements of PCI DSS compliance can be quite daunting for any merchant. These are listed below:   Build and Maintain a Secure Network  read more

2014: The Year of ‘Madware’?

Section: News
2013 has, as always, brought new security threats thanks to the ever-increasing world of cybercrime. We’ve seen Cryptolocker, a type of ransomware that originally targeted businesses, before moving on to attack the more lucrative (and easier) home PC market. It’s thought that the malware has now infected around a quarter of a million Windows PCs worldwide, with UK infections coming in just behind the US on the worst affected leaderboard. read more

6 UK Universities to Offer ‘Cyber Spy’ Degrees

Section: News
Six UK universities have submitted master’s degree programmes which have been accredited by GHCQ as a part of the ongoing Cyber Security Strategy. The specialist degrees will offer a qualification in cyber security and is intended to boost Britain’s defences against hackers and cybercrime. "Through the excellent work of GCHQ, in partnership with other government departments, the private sector and academia, we are able to counter threats and ensure we are stronger and more aw ...   read more

75% of Mobile Security Breaches Due to Misconfiguration

Section: News
According to analysts at Gartner, 75% of all mobile security breaches in the enterprise are due to the misconfiguration of mobile apps. This is a worrying statistic, not least because the analysts believe that by 2017 the focus will shift for attackers from PCs onto mobile and tablet devices as attacks on mobile devices continue to "mature”. In order for an attack to do any "significant damage” to a mobile device, it must have been altered at an administrative level. ...   read more

ACTA May Never See Light of Day

Section: News
Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, has all but confirmed that the controversial anti-piracy bill ACTA may never see the light of day, and is unlikely to be passed as law. Kroes was speaking at Friday's Digital Agenda Internet Freedom Re:publica conference "The European public on the Net” in Berlin. In her speech, she outlined the benefits of a free and open web to innovation and said that we must "recognise rights and responsibilities online – for an online ...   read more

Apple releases surveillance information

Section: News
In the wake of the NSA leak, Apple has joined fellow technology giants in disclosing how many surveillance requests it received from the US government. On Friday, Microsoft and Facebook made similar disclosures. Apple says it has received 4000-5000 requests about its customers since December 2012, whilst Microsoft claim to have received 6000-7000 requests, affecting around 31,000 to 32,000 customer accounts. The disclosures have been made following a   read more

Britain’s businesses attacked on “industrial scale”

Section: News
Businesses in the UK are coming in for cyberattacks on an "industrial scale”, according to GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban. In an interview with the BBC , Sir Lobban said that some companies had been affected for up to two years, with Britain seeing about 70 "sophisticated” attacks each ...   read more

BYOD Security Incidents are Proving Costly to Business

Section: News
As BYOD becomes more widely accepted throughout corporations, information security has taken a huge hit. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. published its second mobile security report last week  read more

Clegg Opposes ‘Snooping’ Bill

Section: News
Nick Clegg has said that the draft Communications Data Bill, which gives the authorities the right to monitor net users email and internet use, needs a "fundamental rethink”. Whilst many of the changes have been agreed, a number of MPs have criticised the ‘scope’ read more

Cloud Storage Controllers Answer to Security Concerns?

Section: News
Despite the growing adoption of many cloud services, especially IaaS in the past 12 months, many companies remain sceptical about storage services, according to Ranajit Nevatia, vice president of marketing at Panzura. This is due to concerns surrounding "performance, availability and security”, despite many companies reporting that cloud services are often more secure than on site storage solutions. Add to this that cloud storage offers a cheaper and viable alternative to typica ...   read more

Cyber Attacks 9/11 Warning

Section: News
The US defence secretary Leon Panetta has warned that cyber-attacks on the country could inflict as much damage as the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He said that intelligence has shown that "foreign actors” were already targeting US systems and that the country is preparing to take pre-emptive action to fend off such attack; these could come about by targeting utility systems, industry and transport. Panetta said that this could take the form of an attack from an agg ...   read more

Cybercriminals Will Adopt NSA Tactics

Section: News
Security expert Bruce Schneier has warned that cyber crooks will soon have the ability to adopt tactics similar to those used by the NSA at the RSA 2014 Conference taking place in the US this week. "The NSA techniques give about a three to five year lead on what cyber-criminals will do," he said at the security conference in San Francisco.

  read more

Data Security Now a “Board Room Issue”

Section: News
A recent study carried out by dataIQ has indicated that data and its security is now a "board room issue”, with more than 60% of data professionals questioned confirming that data security is addressed at this level. The results indicate that data security and compliance are now being taken more seriously by many organisations. However, 25% of those surveyed said that the issue is only "taken seriously in ...   read more

EU businesses can be shut down by new cyber law

Section: News
New laws on cyberattacks voted in by the European parliament will allow any business found to be engaging in hacking or any other cyber crime to be closed down. The new framework  will require member states ...   read more

Facebook Team up with Security Vendors

Section: News
Facebook have teamed up with five leading anti-virus vendors to create Facebook Antivirus Marketplace in an attempt to slow the spread of malware around the site. Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec are the security firms involved and the new page offers cut price and free antivirus solutions to interested surfers. read more

FBI Monitoring Web for Terrorist Activity

Section: News
A report from Total Telecom, one of the leading sources for global telecommunications information, has found that the FBI and other security agencies are monitoring the internet for terrorist activity. The report cites Google as the source for this, as it released figures under the Google Tran ...   read more

Gartner Predict IT Trade Won't Keep Up With Demand

Section: News
Experts at Gartner have predicted that the IT trade will be unable to keep up with the demand for support, due to the "consumerisation of IT” and the explosion in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The sheer volume of smartphones and tablets that will be added to the work place will make it very difficult for both departmental IT managers and IT support companies to keep up. The problem, says Gartner, means that enterprises will have to ...   read more

Gartner Revise Cloud Security Services Value

Section: News
The forecasted value of the security services market for the cloud-based security services sector has been revised upwards by researchers at Gartner. This year should see the market value rising to $2.1bn and it’s expected that this will rise to $3.1bn by 2015. According to many reports, this is due to the need for stronger encryption ...   read more

German Chancellor Suggests Cordoning Off EU Internet

Section: News
Angela Merkel has suggested to the German nation that Europe should have its own "portion of the internet” in the wake of the revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden. The plan, in theory, would mean that European data would remain in the EU and not be routed across the Atlantic. However, the suggestion has come in for some criticism as it’s thought that Ms Merkel is exaggerating how much data goes through the US. According to Alan Mauldin, talking to the BBC, most of the d ...   read more

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