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Data Encryption

Data Encryption:

The translation of data into a secret code. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to decrypt it. Unencrypted data is called plain text ; encrypted data is referred to as cipher text.  There are two main types of encryption: asymmetric encryption (also called public-key encryption) and symmetric encryption.  (Source: Webopedia)

Unifying Data Encryption

Section: Research
With the growing emphasis on the need to protect sensitive data, encryption has become a focus of interest for organisations worldwide. Yet data encryption has long had its challenges in deployment. If you are responsible for the protection of sensitive information in a Linux environment and often find yourself wondering which way to turn when it comes to simple transparent and unified data encryption, this paper will interest you.
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Private clouds without the capex - Housing your private cloud within a public cloud

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It should come as no surprise that it is possible to have a private cloud within a public cloud infrastructure, in much the same way as we have virtual private networks (VPNs) over the public Internet. The most common unschooled view of the cloud is unfortunately one of confusion, with the belief that it is an amorphous collection of compute resources at an indistinct group of third party sites. That definition more closely resembles the Internet itself, however.  Before addressing p ...   read more

Protecting Sensitive Data is Number One Security Priority

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With an explosion of data breaches in recent years, the protection of sensitive information has become a top priority for security organisations worldwide. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, more than 535 million records have been breached in 2,651 incidents made public since 2005.1 Attackers have targeted virtually the entire gamut of sensitive content, from personal financial account data to intellectual property and high-value information of concern to the most senior lev ...   read more

Cisco: Mobile data encryption 'essential for businesses'

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Data encryption is essential for businesses adopting mobile working strategies, particularly if firms allow employees to use their own devices, Cisco has claimed. The firm believes that companies should stand firm and make sure their staff adhere to mobile security best practice.Cisco said that current technology does not allow for the easy identification of unique devices connecti ...   read more

Data encryption software to become ubiquitous

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Data encryption software is likely to become ubiquitous as information - including intellectual property and financial data - becomes a more valuable commodity, according to IT security expert Jeff Hudson. The chief executive officer of Venafi, which specialises in enterprise encryption and software certificate management, told Channel Pro that the read more

Data Encryption would save ‘at risk’ firms

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FIRMS who fail to encrypt their data are being put at risk by clumsy employees who lose storage devices containing company intelligence, a survey says. The research, carried out by iStorage, revealed that almost a third of IT professionals admitted to losing portable media devices such as USB sticks and hard drives. iStorage managing director John Michael said the findings were ‘disappointing and alarming’ and that IT professionals should be setting a better example. H ...   read more

Data security – the $100 billion problem that companies must fight

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The data security debate rumbles on as 71 per cent of merchants claim to have stored unencrypted card data in 2011. The figures, published following a survey by merchant data leader SecurityMetrics, highlight the need for firms to encrypt their data and continue the fight against hackers and thieves. In his blog, SPVA spokesperson Steven Hughes wrote: “These are troubling numbers, especially for an industry marked by ever-changing technology and increasingly sophisticated hack ...   read more

EU gives seal of approval to new data encryption system

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The EU has approved new data encryption equipment designed by a Swedish firm, which bosses believe will put the country on the map as a hub for advanced security systems. Business Security has revealed that its SecuriVPN Arana - which has been developed alongside the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration - meets EU standards.In order to gain the accreditation, the system had to be tested by security authorities in two countries - Sweden and Holland. Chief e ...   read more

Firms must encrypt all data, experts warn

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Companies are being urged to use data encryption methods to protect all of their data. According to a recent eWeek survey, 90 per cent of companies use encryption techniques for data security, although many organisations only encrypt certain data if legally required. The report also said enterprises are increasingly using data encryption along with traditional firewal ...   read more

Google and Apple to make passwords redundant

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Tech giants Google and Apple are working on cloud security technology that will make the humble password redundant. The firms are set to introduce devices that will use facial recognition as a means of unlocking them, which could bolster the security of work-issued mobile phones.The move is, in part, to address the growing trend of security attacks targeted at smartphones, which have rapidly become an integral part of the workplace. However, current face recognition security measures on ...   read more

Hackers have lofty aims for 2012

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The hacking community is hoping to launch its own communications satellite so that it can stay connected during economic and natural disasters. The desire to create a modular terrestrial base station and receiver unit for the purposes of hacking shows how far cyber criminals are willing to go to compromise cloud security.The announcement comes hot on the heels of a huge number of successful attacks perpetrated against high-profile businesses - like Sony - government organisations and i ...   read more

Hacking was a growing cloud security problem in 2011

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Cyber attacks by hacking groups were a rapidly growing problem in 2011 and the trend looks set to continue unless service providers and end users step up their cloud security. According to industry expert Harry Sverdlove, 2011 was the "year of the hack", reports eWeek.Mr Sverdlove said that this year has seen a number of major security issues rear their ugly heads - and hacking, whic ...   read more

Lack of PCI encryption in retail is alarming

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The lack of financial data encryption in the retail industry may force the security industry to refocus its efforts. According to SecurityMetrics, 71 per cent of sellers stored their customers' credit card and debit card information in an unencrypted format this year.This represents an eight per cent increase on 2010 figures - an alarming rise considering the lack of encryption is in direct contravention of the Payment Card Industry read more

Linux users should be 'aware' of potential virus threats

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Documentation has been released explaining how to write a virus for Linux ELF programs. The move dispels the myth that the Linux operating system cannot get viruses. Linux Journal, in its January issue, made the admission, but refused to publish any code as they didn’t want to contribute to the ongoing problem. However, whilst the news may excite technology experts, Linux user Eric Hansen, in his online blog, said virus writers won’t focus on Linux – even if ...   read more

Security as a service to trend in 2012

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More small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will adopt security as a service (SaaS) solutions in the coming year as businesses demand more adaptability. According to IT research specialist Canalys, SaaS - not to be confused with software as a service - will begin to attract more customers because of its inherent flexibility.In its latest report, Canalys said: "From the SMB side, perceived cost savings will be the primary driver to switch to outsourced security."The firm added t ...   read more

Top UK Ecommerce Sites Fail on Password Security

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A recent study carried out on UK ecommerce sites has found that many of the country’s top retailers don’t do enough to help customers protect their data through passwords. The research looked at the top 100 ecommerce sites in the UK and found that 63% of all the sites studied didn’t implement any kind of security policy to protect data. Further to that, 66% accepted "notoriously weak passwords, such as ‘123456’ or ‘password’” and the same number also made no attempt to block a u ...   read more

Trust is 'lacking' in cloud services market

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The majority of cloud computing end-users polled by Rackspace recently claimed that they did not entirely trust their service provider - showing that businesses need to do more if they are to boost confidence in the technology. Many of the concerns raised by the early adopters of cloud computing surrounded issues of   read more