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Security Threat

Security Threat: A security threat is any incident or confrontation that jeopardizes security, which, defined by the Collins English Dictionary, is "precautions taken to ensure against theft, espionage. (Source:

Security Threat Report 2011

Section: Research
To stay secure in 2011 and beyond, it’s vital that we understand how threats worked in 2010.  This report identifies the threats, the way they work, and provides insight into the tools and techniques available to protect your systems and data.  Topics covered include:   Identifying the threats - where to watch -  Fake anti-virus software -  Attacks using Internet marketing techniques -  Social eng ...   read more

IT Security in the Real World - A Value Proposition

Section: Research
  A graphical presentation that will provide answers to the following questions:   What risks does IT security mitigate? What is the value of IT security? OK, so it is worth having IT security; but how do we keep the cost down? How to build a compliance oriented architecture at an affordable cost?     read more

Virtualization Vendors Comparison

Section: Research
This guide will save you time by comparing six Virtualisation vendors side-by-side.  Vendors include VMWare, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Citrix and Parallels. The following areas are covered: -  Company Size -  Solution Types -  Flagship Product(s) -  Costs -  Hypervisor -  Scalability -  Extended Management -  Common criteria and security certification -  Pros a ...   read more

The Impact of IT Security Attitudes

Section: Research
Putting the pieces in place for effective security delivery    Much has been written about the existence of various threats, internal and external, and vendors are only too quick to proffer solutions to the problems. But what really needs to exist for security to work? This report considers some of the more behavioural aspects of security best practice, such as the role of awareness, policy and communications.     read more

The Evolution of Web Threats - Are your colleagues putting your business at risk?

Section: Research
This presentation was given at an Info Security Magazine webinar in Nov 2009. It looks at how web threats are evolving and what action can be taken.   We must never lose site of the how critical to all businesses the web has become and attempts to control its use should not hamper communications and productivity.   Remote working is common practice across all sectors and the web is key to achieving such work place flexibl ...   read more

2012 Data Breach Investigations Report

Section: Research
An insightful study, packed full of useful, well-presented data on information security breaches covering a dataset of 855 confirmed security breaches accounting for a combined 174 million compromised records. Complied with the collaboration of enforcement agencies from around the world, including the US Secret Service, Verizon’s 2012 report shows that many security breaches are the results of more than one threat action (malware, hacking, social, misuse, physic ...   read more

Security Threats from Mobile Devices & Smartphones

Section: Articles
As more people gain access to high-tech mobile devices, we have seen a rapid shift in how we supply and interact with mobile content. In this new, always-connected age of mobile devices and smartphones, a new set of security problems and concerns has reared its head, threatening network privacy and integrity, as well as business and personal data. Here we examine the top security threats from today’s mobile devices and smartphones.   Apple iPhone  read more

‘Emergency’ Communications Monitoring Law to be Rushed Through

Section: News
The UK government is set to rush through a new law designed to allow enforcement and intelligence agencies to continue to access phone and internet data in order to investigate crime. The Data Retention and Investigation Powers Bill is being backed by all of the major parties and is being passed due to two recent developments. The European Court of Justice recently "struck down” regulations which forced ISPs and mobile companies to retain customer data for up to 12 months. Th ...   read more

“Bouncer” Phishing Kit 'Laser-targets' Victims

Section: News
A new phishing kit has been discovered by security experts at RSA which targets its victims specifically, depending on their computer set-up and email address. RSA report  that phishing attacks grew again last year, a huge 59% higher than 2011, at a cost to the global economy of $1.5 ...   read more

2014: The Year of ‘Madware’?

Section: News
2013 has, as always, brought new security threats thanks to the ever-increasing world of cybercrime. We’ve seen Cryptolocker, a type of ransomware that originally targeted businesses, before moving on to attack the more lucrative (and easier) home PC market. It’s thought that the malware has now infected around a quarter of a million Windows PCs worldwide, with UK infections coming in just behind the US on the worst affected leaderboard. read more

93% of Corporations Suffered 2012 Security Breach

Section: News
According to a recent publication from the UK’s Cabinet Office, 93% of large organisations and 76% of SMBs suffered some form of cyber breach this year. "With the cost for a security breach estimated between £110,000-250,000 for large businesses and £15,000-30,000 for smaller ones, these are losses which UK businesses can ill afford,” the latest report stated. Whilst the UK has a very healthy internet-based economy, worth around £82bn per year and risi ...   read more

99% of Android Phones Vulnerable to Hackers

Section: News
A research team at Bluebox Security has found that all Android phones released in the past four years have an operating system vulnerability, which could allow complete control by hackers and malware to be easily planted on a device. The bug allows the APK code to be modified without breaking the cryptographic signature of any application. This means that there is the potential for any legitimate application to be turned into a malicious Trojan. "A hacker can exploit th ...   read more

Additional Java Exploit Discovered

Section: News
Just days after the release of a critical update for Java, ahead of Oracle’s usual quarterly patch release, another exploit has been discovered by Polish security experts. However, whilst the exploit affects the latest Java SE Update 7, no incidences have yet been found in the wild. It seems the "bug” is related to the previous one that Security Explorations found, which a patch was released for last week, the security firm’s CEO Adam Gowdiak read more

Adobe Server Compromised by Hackers

Section: News
Adobe has released a security advisory after it found that one of its build servers had been compromised and used to create malicious files for signing digital certificates. All security certificate issued by the server from June 10th this year are expected to be recalled by the 4th October 2012. Whilst Adobe say that the vast majority of PC users will not be affected, they will also be issuing a software security update in the near future. "However, some cust ...   read more

Britain’s businesses attacked on “industrial scale”

Section: News
Businesses in the UK are coming in for cyberattacks on an "industrial scale”, according to GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban. In an interview with the BBC , Sir Lobban said that some companies had been affected for up to two years, with Britain seeing about 70 "sophisticated” attacks each ...   read more

Bumper Patch Tuesday to Fix IE Vulnerabilities

Section: News
All versions of Internet Explorer (IE) from 6 to 10 will need to install updates from Microsoft this month in order to address critical vulnerabilities in the browser. This month is set to be a bumper month all round for Microsoft software, with a total of 57 security holes in IE, Windows XP, 2003 and Vista, Microsoft Server Software, Office and the .NET framework. According to Micro ...   read more

Businesses are 'willing to ignore cyber threats'

Section: News
Businesses deem cyber security to be a major consideration but at the same time are willing to accept high levels of risk - taking a hands-off approach to the problem. New research from Chatham House has shown that cyber security should no longer be seen as an ICT department problem, as complacency can cause untold damage. Placeholder0The organisation noted that the potential for reputational and financial damage is too high to be ignored by small and large firms alike, and sugges ...   read more

Cambridge Scientists Study Skynet Risk

Section: News
A group of researchers from Cambridge are to study the risk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over the human race. Not only this, but "many scientists” are concerned that human technology developments may "pose extinction-level risks to our species as a whole”. This is due not only to the threat posed by AI and robotics, but also by advances in biotechnology and artificial life, nanotechnology and of course, climate change. The C ...   read more

Cyber Attacks 9/11 Warning

Section: News
The US defence secretary Leon Panetta has warned that cyber-attacks on the country could inflict as much damage as the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He said that intelligence has shown that "foreign actors” were already targeting US systems and that the country is preparing to take pre-emptive action to fend off such attack; these could come about by targeting utility systems, industry and transport. Panetta said that this could take the form of an attack from an agg ...   read more

Cybercrime costs UK economy £27bn

Section: News
Prime minster David Cameron has announced that tackling cybercrime is a top priority in the UK as hackers and scammers cost the country £27 billion a year. Mr Cameron said the only way the country was going to overcome the problem, however, was by working with other nations, businesses and security organisations. Placeholder0He claimed that cybercrime seemed endemic to the internet and the scale at which criminals were trading personal information was unprecedented. Speaking at a ...   read more

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