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Cyber attack

Cyber attack:

Cyber Attacks: computer-to-computer attack that undermines the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of a computer or information resident on it

2012 Data Breach Investigations Report

Section: Research
An insightful study, packed full of useful, well-presented data on information security breaches covering a dataset of 855 confirmed security breaches accounting for a combined 174 million compromised records. Complied with the collaboration of enforcement agencies from around the world, including the US Secret Service, Verizon’s 2012 report shows that many security breaches are the results of more than one threat action (malware, hacking, social, misuse, physic ...   read more

Customer Records Remain Primary Target in Data Breach Efforts

Section: Articles
There exists a certain contingent of cybercriminals which perpetrates computer break-ins to make political statements, to demonstrate their prowess in front of their peers, or just for the thrill of it. But bored hackers living in their parents’ basements make up only a small percentage; according to a Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report from Trustwave Spider Labs, 89 percent of their investigations involved the theft of customer records. Today, hackers and cybercriminals are in it for ...   read more

50,000 Twitter Passwords Posted on Pastebin

Section: News
The login details of more than 50,000 Twitter users have been posting in a document spanning five pages on Pastebin. However, Twitter, who are investigating the incident, say that many of the details appear to be duplicates and deny that the attack is as big as it first appears. Twitter also say that they are currently pushing out password resets to the affected accounts. However, it seems that many of the accounts posted have already been suspended from the social networking si ...   read more

Anonymous take down US Sentencing Commission

Section: News
Hackers claiming to be a part of hacktist group Anonymous have attacked the US Sentencing Commission website in protest of the way that fellow hacker Aaron Swartz was treated by the authorities. Mr Swartz, 26, recently took his own life whilst he was awaiting trial for the hacking of online journals, which he claimed was a "political statement”. He was an advocate of internet freedom and whilst he had a history of depression, his friends and family have said that it was the thr ...   read more

Bosses to be liable for cyber attacks

Section: News
MEPs at the Civil Liberties Committee in the EU last week agreed to back plans to criminalise any form of cyber-attack within companies and make a nominated representative liable. The plans are intended to help in the drive to crack down on criminal organisations and online fraud. However, as some companies carry out hacking on their own systems, this means that they have access to hacking tools and software. Under the new rules, one person in the company w ...   read more

Bumper Patch Tuesday to Fix IE Vulnerabilities

Section: News
All versions of Internet Explorer (IE) from 6 to 10 will need to install updates from Microsoft this month in order to address critical vulnerabilities in the browser. This month is set to be a bumper month all round for Microsoft software, with a total of 57 security holes in IE, Windows XP, 2003 and Vista, Microsoft Server Software, Office and the .NET framework. According to Micro ...   read more

FBI Monitoring Web for Terrorist Activity

Section: News
A report from Total Telecom, one of the leading sources for global telecommunications information, has found that the FBI and other security agencies are monitoring the internet for terrorist activity. The report cites Google as the source for this, as it released figures under the Google Tran ...   read more

Growth "assured" in IT security market due to targeted attacks, BYOD trends

Section: News
The global security technology and services market is set to reach an overall figure of $67.2bn this year, according to analysts at Gartner, representing an expected increase of 8.7%. Additionally, it’s thought that the market will reach over $86bn by 2016 due to security being one of the "top IT concern areas”. This means that strong growth over the course of the next few years is "assured”, according to research director Ruggero Contu. "The consistent increases in the comp ...   read more

HMRC & NHS Unprepared for XP Support Deadline

Section: News
Thousands of PCs belonging to UK public sector organisations are expected to miss the deadline for upgrading from Windows XP in April 2014. It’s thought that this will mean that some of the UK’s most important government departments, such as HMRC and the NHS, will still be running the old OS following the date when Microsoft stop issuing security updates. According to The Regist ...   read more

IT Skills Gap Could Affect Fight against Cybercrime

Section: News
A National Audit Office (NAO) review on the cybercrime strategy has found that whilst the strategy is beginning to deliver benefits, the lack of IT skills could harm efforts to fight cybercrime in the long term. The UK Cyber Security Strategy was published in November 2011 ...   read more

Massive Cyber-Attack Discovered by Kaspersky

Section: News
Security experts at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a "highly sophisticated malicious program” that has attacked several countries and is thought to be state sponsored. Newly discovered malware, ‘Flame', is described as being more complex and functional than any other cyber-weapon seen previously. The malware is designed to carry out cyber-espionage and is capable of stealing valuable information such as screen shots, system information, stored files, contact data and audio record ...   read more

McKinnon Charges Dropped in UK

Section: News
Following a ten-year battle, 46 year old UK citizen Gary McKinnon, who has Asperger’s syndrome will not face extradition to the USA for hacking US military systems and will not have to face charges in the UK either. Mr McKinnon admitted hacking into US government computers, saying he was looking for evidence of UFOs. However, US officials demanded his extradition to face charges of causing $800,000 worth of damage to US systems. If convicted, he would have faced up to 60 years ...   read more

MI5 Cyber-attack Warning

Section: News
MI5 chief Jonathon Evans has warned that UK internet vulnerabilities are allowing for an "astonishing” level of cyber-attacks on British industry. He said in a speech on Monday evening that these weaknesses were being taken advantage of by both cyber criminals and states alike. Last year, the MOD said that they had investigated more than1000 attacks on th ...   read more

Mobile Malware Continues to Rise

Section: News
A recent study from ABI Research has found that mobile malware continues to rise at a staggering rate, with unique variants growing by a huge 2180% reaching a total of 17,439 strains between Q1 2011 and Q2 2012. "With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile threats are on the rise,” said Michela Menting, senior cyber security analyst at ABI. "This has implications for security at ...   read more

MS Word Bug Leaves Machines Vulnerable

Section: News
A vulnerability affecting all supported versions of Microsoft Word has been reported which allows remote code execution when a targeted user opens a RTF file using the software. Currently, Microsoft say that it has detected "limited, targeted attacks directed at Microsoft Word 2010”. The malicious RTF file can also infect a machine if it is viewed in Outlook using the preview feature. At present there’s no patch to solve the issue and it’s thought that one will be issued on the ...   read more

New Virus Attacks Energy Sector

Section: News
A new virus, dubbed Shamoon, has been discovered by security experts which targets the infrastructure of the energy sector. As opposed to Stuqnex, the virus doesn't target an actual nuclear plant’s machinery, but wipes important files from infected computers and overwrites the master boot record, rendering the machine useless. Shamoon is so far known to have affected "at least one organisation in the sector”, according to the BBC. They also report that Saudi Arabia’s national ...   read more

Second Energy Firm hit by Virus

Section: News
One of the world’s largest petroleum gas producers has been attacked by malware following the attack on oil company Aramco. It’s not known if the virus is ‘Shamoon’, which was blamed for the Aramco attack, although this has not been confirmed by the company themselves. Qatar-based RasGas said that email, workstations and servers have been taken offline in order to clean up the damage caused by the malware. This latest attack gives further evidence that the energy and oil sector ...   read more

Threat Report Shows Surge in Malicious Attacks

Section: News
The annual threat report from Symantec shows that whilst email spam dropped last year when compared to 2010, malicious attacks and malware have surged. The take down of the Rustock botnet has had a direct impact on spam and this saw the incidence of pharmaceutical spam fall from 74% in 2010 to 40% in 2011. The take down also showed an impact on the number of bot zombies, which fell from 4,500,000 to 3,065,030. However, this appeared to have absolutely no bearing on malware as un ...   read more

Twitter Hack a Hoax?

Section: News
Yesterday, we published the news, alongside many of the tech community, that Twitter had suffered an attack which led to more than 50,000 email addresses and passwords being posted to Pastebin, in a document spanning five pages. Following the story, new information has come to light which confirms that if Twitter was attacked at all, it was in separate attacks early last year. According to Adrian Lamo, who we read more

UK Gov Launches Competition to find cyber-experts

Section: News
The UK government has launched a competition, which will begin as "an online treasure hunt” to help defend the country against ‘cyber-warfare. At present, it seems there are no computer science degrees in the UK which address the growing problem of protecting Britain’s national infrastructure. The ‘treasure hunt’ will progress into challenges which are based in labs and the competition has been inspired by attacks such as those on Iran involving sophisticated malware such as Stu ...   read more

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