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Compliance Oriented Architecture (COA)

Compliance Oriented Architecture (COA): Compliance oriented Architecture (COA) is a specialised instance of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), designed to support a broad array of compliance requirements. Though detailed requirements may vary, many generic services are common from institution to institution, compliance standard to compliance standard. Rather than a product or packaged application, a COA is a set of core, compliance-oriented services that can be assembled and deployed to solve a specific need or set of needs.  (Source  EMC) 

A Value Proposition for IT Security

Section: Research
IT departments are facing three big issues when it comes to protecting the data created and stored on the systems they manage. First, the value of the data is often only realised when it is legitimately shared in some way; second, that sharing is increasingly taking place across public networks and third, the users doing the sharing are doing so on a growing diversity of devices in locations that are convenient to them. Whilst the three issues hel ...   read more