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Backup: In information technology, a back up or the process of backing up is making copies of data which may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. (Source: Wikipedia)

Enabling Rapid and Effective IT Recovery

Section: Research
This report is based on a research study based on 160 interviews with small and medium businesses across the United Kingdom, France and Germany The research findings provide some important insights including: Most SMBs take measures to permit systems recovery following a major operational incident, however significant disaster recovery (DR) gaps and shortfalls often exist. DR initiatives ...   read more

Virtualization Solutions for SMBs - A Buyer's Guide

Section: Research
Virtualization isn't the preserve of large enterprises.  Learn how small and mid-sized businesses (SMB's 50-750 users) are using Virtualization to reduce costs, improve security and efficiency.   This buyer’s guide covers: -  Virtualization Solutions Overview -  Desktop Virtualization -  Server Virtualization -  Data Back-Up & Disaster Recovery -  Host ...   read more

Server Virtualization - 2 Minute Explanation

Section: Research Video
An animated elevator pitch on the three types of server virtualization and their benefits. ...   read more

Server Virtualization Buyer's Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

Section: Research
Server Virtualization can dramatically change an IT departments typical workload - and free up time and talent to be devoted to strategic initiatives that can help drive profitability.  This 2011 buyer's guide will help you to understand the key benefits of Server Virtualization for small and medium businesses.   The following areas are covered:   -  Introduction -  Why SMBs cho ...   read more

Cloud services make inroads into larger SMBs - Part 2

Section: Articles
Incumbent and start-up companies are both offering cloud-based solutions in record number, driven by several factors - or start-ups, the incentive is the lure of launching a business with significantly lower capital requirements that might otherwise be required, while capitalising on a growing demand. Of course, start-ups often enter into the market with new, innovative ideas long before the incumbents take that risk, and this serves to invigorate the market even more. Incumbents however, ...   read more

Cloud computing risk factors Part 2: The bogeymen continue

Section: Articles
Cloud computing risk factors, both real and imagined, continue to lurk around every corner. But rather than running in the opposite direction as fast as one possibly can, the more appropriate response is to acknowledge that there are risk factors in the cloud, as there are with any other business computing model; to weigh those risks against potential rewards, and to exercise due diligence and best practices in mitigating those risks.     &n ...   read more

Digital Ownership: why you don't own the content you buy

Section: Articles
In this ever-increasing age of digital content, much is bandied around about Intellectual Property, with the prime concern being that of illegally downloaded content; but what about paid-for digital content? Recent reports that US actor Bruce Willis is taking Apple to court over his ‘ownership’ of his extensive music collection, which he allegedly wanted to bequeath to his kids when he died, have been disproven. The Die Hard star has no such intentions, according to tweets from h ...   read more

Cisco predicts huge growth in cloud computing traffic

Section: News
Cisco has predicted a huge growth in cloud computing in the coming years, with traffic tripling between 2010 and 2015. According to the firm's Global Cloud Index (2010-15) report, the amount of data being shifted to and from cloud systems will rise 12-fold and the total amount transmitted during 2015 is expected to reach 1.6 trillion gigabytes.In its report the firm said that the majority of data being shifted around the cloud will be hidden from end users - during processes like   read more

DRM Doesn’t Stop Piracy, Tor Books Find

Section: News
A little over a year ago, sci-fi imprint Tor Books made the decision to do away with DRM (Digital Rights Management) on all of its UK and US ebook listings. A year on and the publishers have revealed that in that time, there has been little or no discernable increase in piracy for its titles. The decision was made to do away with DRM as the company felt that their particular readership was being hampered by the inability to move books from one device to another. Accord ...   read more

'Industrial espionage behind new cloud security attacks'

Section: News
Industrial espionage appears to be the reason for a recent spate of cloud security attacks against major chemical manufacturing firms, according to Symantec. The security software provider claims that a total of 29 companies in the industry have been targeted by hackers. Plac ...   read more

IT Skills Gap Still a Problem in UK

Section: News
A report from the BBC today has said that major technology firms such as Facebook and Google are still struggling to find suitable candidates for IT roles in the UK. This is no surprise as the skills gap has been present for a couple of years now, but tech firms say that positions that become available in the UK are often having to be filled by people from abroad, as they otherwise won’t be. In May, a read more

Microsoft Announce Cloud Readiness Tool

Section: News
Microsoft has announced a new tool designed to help IT professionals test their enterprise’s readiness for deployment to the cloud. The Cloud Security Readiness Tool is a free resource targeting SMEs to help them to assess security as it emerged that a recent Microsoft survey found that companies who have already adopted cloud have found it to be better secure than on-site solutions. Howe ...   read more

Mobile App Development to Leverage Cloud Back-end

Section: News
A special report from analyst house Gartner predicts that by 2016, 40% of mobile app development projects will leverage backend cloud services. This could cause development leaders to "lose control of the pace and path of cloud adoption within their enterprises,” Gartner say.

  read more

UK Doyenz Shut Down rCloud

Section: News
The UK branch of disaster recovery Doyenz rCloud was shut down suddenly at the end of last week and will no longer be providing or supporting the service in the UK, although client data will be accessible up until the end of this month. Blue Solutions, UK distributer for the rCloud service say that all UK clients and MSPs have been directly mailed to advise them of the move. The removal of the cloud-based back and recovery service is "surprising and disappointing,” Blue Soluti ...   read more

Virtualized environments benefit from data de-duplication

Section: News
Businesses adopting desktop and server virtualization can benefit from implementing data de-duplication - which can free up storage space and boost performance. According to a new report, virtualized environments are becoming more commonplace, but so are the data storage issues associated with IT infrastructure abstraction - particularly the hosting of redundant data and duplication of content across several virtual servers. Placeholder0The organisation cla ...   read more

VMware Fixes Upgrade Bug

Section: News
Over the weekend leading virtualisation firm VMware warned its vSphere Replication 5.1 users not to install the newly released v5.5 and to check that automatic upgrades are disabled. It seems that installing the update in a 5.1 environment could lead to irreversible damage to user replications, meaning that all replications would have to be recreated "from scratch”. The software is just one module that makes up VMware’s vSphere hypervisor, the company’s leading virtualisation pr ...   read more