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Security: In the computer industry, the term security - or the phrase computer security - refers to techniques for ensuring that data stored in a computer cannot be read or compromised by any individuals without authorization. Most computer security measures involve data encryption and passwords. Data encryption is the translation of data into a form that is unintelligible without a deciphering mechanism. A password is a secret word or phrase that gives a user access to a particular program or system. (Source: Webopedia)

Trust and Security in the Cloud

Section: Research
The delivery of cloud based application functionality via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model frequently sparks a vigorous debate on security-related concerns. It is common to hear IT professionals question whether service providers can be trusted to look after critical and confidential business data. But while the concerns may be real, are they justified or is it a case of being wary of the unknown while overlooking the shortcomings of internal systems? This r ...   read more

Server Virtualization Buyer's Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

Section: Research
Server Virtualization can dramatically change an IT departments typical workload - and free up time and talent to be devoted to strategic initiatives that can help drive profitability.  This 2011 buyer's guide will help you to understand the key benefits of Server Virtualization for small and medium businesses.   The following areas are covered:   -  Introduction -  Why SMBs cho ...   read more

Security Threat Report 2011

Section: Research
To stay secure in 2011 and beyond, it’s vital that we understand how threats worked in 2010.  This report identifies the threats, the way they work, and provides insight into the tools and techniques available to protect your systems and data.  Topics covered include:   Identifying the threats - where to watch -  Fake anti-virus software -  Attacks using Internet marketing techniques -  Social eng ...   read more

Protective Monitoring - An Introduction to GPG 13

Section: Research
What is protective monitoring, anyway?   Protective monitoring has become important for many large organisations in the UK, as public organisations and their suppliers find themselves in a position to have to do something about it. But what does it actually involve and how can you deliver on it in a way that makes sense to your organisation?   Protective monitoring is a set of business processes, with esse ...   read more

The Essential Elements of Secure Remote Access… Without the Management Headaches

Section: Research
Virtual private networks (VPNs) are the technologies most widely used by organisations today in the provision of remote access to their networks for employees, business partners and suppliers. Of the VPNs available, IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) VPNs provide the most complete remote access solution, although they have traditionally been seen as costly and difficult to deploy. A new generation of IPSec VPNs, which can enable organisations to gain a centrally managed and high security ...   read more

IT Security in the Real World - A Value Proposition

Section: Research
  A graphical presentation that will provide answers to the following questions:   What risks does IT security mitigate? What is the value of IT security? OK, so it is worth having IT security; but how do we keep the cost down? How to build a compliance oriented architecture at an affordable cost?     read more

A Short Guide to Running Secure and Resilient Data Centres for Mid-Sized Businesses

Section: Research
Companies have to remain competitive, but the recent years of prosperity have made this less of a driving need in many industries. Most organisations think they can outperform their rivals, and many believe that their approach to IT can play a significant part in this. There is a link between the performance and capabilities of the IT function and overall business performance, but not everybody is aware of this, or takes advantage of it. Companies that believe they are growing have a more m ...   read more

Change Management-Minimising Business Interruptions

Section: Research
Manual approaches to managing technical change within an organisation often lead to chaotic situations, with different upgrade and patch levels being applied at servers and desktops. Also, the lack of change management at the human level leads to massive issues at the end-user and help desk levels. Just what needs to be done? ...   read more

The Case for Virtual Data Centres

Section: Articles
In an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) scenario,  the  cloud-based  service being provided will include virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers. Physically the pool of hardware resource is pulled  from  a  multitude  of  servers  and  networks  usually distributed across numerous data centres, all of which the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining. Th ...   read more

“Bouncer” Phishing Kit 'Laser-targets' Victims

Section: News
A new phishing kit has been discovered by security experts at RSA which targets its victims specifically, depending on their computer set-up and email address. RSA report  that phishing attacks grew again last year, a huge 59% higher than 2011, at a cost to the global economy of $1.5 ...   read more

1 in 4 Organisations affected by mobile malware in 2011

Section: News
Analysts Goode Intelligence published a new report yesterday that found the incidence of mobile malware has increased significantly within organisations, with a quarter of those asked reporting they had been affected. The survey asked 130 IT managers and CEOs in a cross section of industries around the world and found that malware has increased from 9% in 2009 to 24% in 2011. Goode also found that 71% of all organisations allow BYOD, but are not really paying attention to the se ...   read more

ACTA May Never See Light of Day

Section: News
Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, has all but confirmed that the controversial anti-piracy bill ACTA may never see the light of day, and is unlikely to be passed as law. Kroes was speaking at Friday's Digital Agenda Internet Freedom Re:publica conference "The European public on the Net” in Berlin. In her speech, she outlined the benefits of a free and open web to innovation and said that we must "recognise rights and responsibilities online – for an online ...   read more

Aggressive recruitment 'key to channel partner success'

Section: News
An aggressive recruitment strategy is seen as the key to Intact Software's rapid expansion plans. The firm is looking for ten new partners that will help the business management solutions provider target the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market. The firms will be used to boost sales of Intact Software's iQ solution, which offers a customisable platform for the creation of enterprise resource planning strategies, reports Channel EMEA. Placeholder0The company ...   read more

Amended Data Communications Bill To Go Ahead?

Section: News
The Conservative and Labour parties could join forces in order to push through the Communications Data Bill, overruling opposition from the Lib Dems, whose objections led to the bill being dropped. According to the BBC, former Tory leader Lord Howard said Prime Minister David Cameron has to "act in the national interest” in the wake of the murder of a soldier in ...   read more

Android Platform Fails to Raise Businesses

Section: News
A lack of support from Google is cited as the main reason that many businesses won't be using the Android platform, a survey from Gartner has found. The researchers found that many firms regard Android as being too complex to manage in a survey conducted on mobile device management (MDM) software vendors. 58% of respondents said that they would make use of the iOS platform in the coming year, compared to 20% using Blackberry devices and just 9% considering Android. It's thought ...   read more

Anonymous take down US Sentencing Commission

Section: News
Hackers claiming to be a part of hacktist group Anonymous have attacked the US Sentencing Commission website in protest of the way that fellow hacker Aaron Swartz was treated by the authorities. Mr Swartz, 26, recently took his own life whilst he was awaiting trial for the hacking of online journals, which he claimed was a "political statement”. He was an advocate of internet freedom and whilst he had a history of depression, his friends and family have said that it was the thr ...   read more

Antivirus Disables Net for XP Users

Section: News
Antivirus software from Russian security firm Kaspersky has left thousands of Windows XP users unable to connect to the internet after installation of the latest update. The update was released on Monday and before long, users were reporting that they couldn’t connect to the internet or company networks. The problem was reported to Kaspersky ...   read more

Bogus LinkedIn Invites Lead to Malware

Section: News
False LinkedIn 'invitation to connect' emails are doing the rounds which appear genuine but actually lead users who click on the links to malware infected websites. The email appears to come from members of popular businesses and recipients are invited to click on the usual "accept” or "ignore” buttons, there is also an unsubscribe link which also directs users to infected sites. The mail uses the LinkedIn logo and is ...   read more

Britain’s businesses attacked on “industrial scale”

Section: News
Businesses in the UK are coming in for cyberattacks on an "industrial scale”, according to GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban. In an interview with the BBC , Sir Lobban said that some companies had been affected for up to two years, with Britain seeing about 70 "sophisticated” attacks each ...   read more

Bumper Patch Tuesday to Fix IE Vulnerabilities

Section: News
All versions of Internet Explorer (IE) from 6 to 10 will need to install updates from Microsoft this month in order to address critical vulnerabilities in the browser. This month is set to be a bumper month all round for Microsoft software, with a total of 57 security holes in IE, Windows XP, 2003 and Vista, Microsoft Server Software, Office and the .NET framework. According to Micro ...   read more

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