Amazon opens up about cloud security breach

News Article - Thursday, 28 April 2011 11:41

Category: Security

Amazon has shed new light on the cloud security issues which saw a number of its platforms suffering from outages last week.

According to the firm, most user systems and data are now fully restored, although a fraction of its volumes stored in the eastern US will not be fully recoverable.

"The vast majority of affected volumes have now been recovered," the company said.

"We're in the process of contacting a limited number of customers who have Elastic Block Storage volumes that have not yet recovered and will continue to work hard on restoring these remaining volumes."

Amazon also stressed that it would be fully investigating the cause of the issue, with a report into the outage set to published in the future.

"We are digging deeply into the root causes of this event and will post a detailed post mortem," it stated.

The outage has led many commentators to discuss cloud security in the past week, with many stating that it highlights the need to have a fallback service when using the technology.

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