Android malware could hit mobile workers

News Article - Wednesday, 16 November 2011 11:01

Category: Security

The amount of malware affecting Google's Android mobile operating system has increased more than fourfold during the third quarter of 2011. The rise could have a hugely negative impact on businesses that have adopted Android devices to boost their mobile working capabilities without considering the cloud security implications. The figures also suggest that hackers and cybercriminals may now be singling out Google users for attack.

Research from Juniper shows that malware targeting Android handsets has risen by 472 per cent - an increase that the firm's chief security expert Dan Hoffman believes is unprecedented. "Since Android's existence, we have never seen an increase this dramatic," he told CRN.

Mr Hoffman claims that the reasons for the rise in mobile malware proliferation on the Android platform are two-fold. The first is that Google has managed to dramatically increase its user base. The firm's rapid expansion with the help of third-party manufacturers - the second reason - is exacerbating the malware problem he added.

Recently, Strategy Analytics Wireless Enterprise Strategies claimed that Google was focusing on getting its mobile offering ready for the world of business, which the organisation suggested would require the development of an entire ecosystem.

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