Cisco: Mobile data encryption 'essential for businesses'

News Article - Thursday, 15 December 2011 13:59

Category: Security

Data encryption is essential for businesses adopting mobile working strategies, particularly if firms allow employees to use their own devices, Cisco has claimed. The firm believes that companies should stand firm and make sure their staff adhere to mobile security best practice.

Cisco said that current technology does not allow for the easy identification of unique devices connecting to a corporate network - making security a difficult proposition. The firm said that until the technology improves, firms need to err on the side of caution.

"Employees who want to use their personal device of choice for work must accept that the enterprise, for security reasons, retains certain rights in order to protect the device," Cisco claimed.

The company noted that passwords, adequate data encryption and remote management options were the key to preventing breaches. The latter being particularly important as a means of disabling devices that are lost or stolen.

Recently, Rackspace urged businesses to consider using data encryption as a means of boosting trust in cloud computing - both public and private.

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