Gartner Survey on IT Security spend in 2012 reveals PCI non-compliance of 18%

News Article - Thursday, 12 January 2012 09:25

Category: Security

Even as trends of changes in IT security spending emerged from a recent Gartner Survey on budget outlays for 2012, it bust the story on PCI-conforming businesses, revealing close to 18% are non-compliant in real time.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 2011 (PCI DSS) is a hot-topic for enterprises as their PCI-compliance status is a coveted rating that helps them win consumer trust. A recent survey by Gartner, Inc. conducted during their annual IT Security Summits and Catalyst events, and Security & Risk Summit it was found that nearly 18% of the responding IT managers admitting to being non-compliant, though survey data indicated their ‘compliant’ status.

Research Director at Gartner, Lawrence Pingree says that this requires greater efforts from end-user organizations to educate/update front-line employees on their PCI compliance status.
Budget Survey Indicates Change in Spending Trends

The key indicator in the survey for IT security spending reveals an increase of 4-percent from last year and will be in the region of 10.5 percent of the total IT allocation for the year. This will be augmented by optimizing automation of security products and increasing the efficiency of internal security workflows.
Pet security projects for the year are likely to be Data-Loss Prevention(DLP), business policy controls. A second priority would be provisioning, event management and third would be intrusion detection, risk management tools, compliance with network access control and IT governance. External consultants and Human resources would be significantly lower. 

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