McAfee offers businesses malicious app tips

News Article - Monday, 14 November 2011 10:36

Category: Security

Internet security specialist McAfee is warning businesses about the dangers of malicious apps as a pre-emptive measure to tackle the threat - despite the fact that mobile malware incidents remain relatively uncommon. The firm claims that end-users - whether they are business-based mobile workers or gadget-mad consumers - need to ensure they stay protected as malware is nevertheless a growing threat.

McAfee's advice follows the Gartner Forecast: Mobile Application Stores Worldwide 2008-15 report, which showed showed that by the end of 2011 an estimated 17.7 billion apps will be downloaded by people onto their smartphones - which is why mobile security is such a pressing issue.

The organisation claims that both people and businesses should be cautious and research apps thoroughly before downloading them. The first safeguard should be to only download apps from reputable sellers - avoiding so-called 'unknown sources'. Vincent Weafer, senior vice president at McAfee Labs, said: "Maliciously modified apps have started to become more prevalent."

"It's becoming more common for cybercriminals to attempt to corrupt a legitimate app," Mr Weafer added. Just last week, Get Safe Online noted that the amount of mobile malware affecting smartphones has increased by 800 per cent in the last four months alone.

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