Mobile malware up by 800%

News Article - Friday, 11 November 2011 11:41

Category: Security

The amount of mobile malware affecting smartphones and tablet computers has increased by 800 per cent in the last four months, according to new research from Get Safe Online. The security expert claims that many smartphone users are being hit with huge phone bills for messages they did not send thanks to malicious attacks from hackers.

Get Safe Online claims that cybercriminals are using online app stores to disseminate their malicious software - disguising it as legitimate downloads. Sometimes, the organisation claims, hackers hide compromising code in 'free security updates', deceiving people into thinking they are actually boosting security and protecting themselves against attacks.

"With users now installing and removing apps with increasing frequency, the chance of encountering a rogue app is much higher. Smartphone security, such as anti-virus or anti-malware software, is available but not widely deployed," the director of Get Safe Online Rik Ferguson claimed.

AhnLab Security Emergency Response Center's Hongsun Kim recently claimed that users must remain alert to mobile and cloud security threats.

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