Mobile working has put the spotlight on cloud security

News Article - Thursday, 22 December 2011 12:15

Category: Security

Businesses need to be acutely aware of the need for cloud security as the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace means there are many more unique access points to police. According to Phil Codd, managing director and chief markets officer at Software Quality Systems, the huge benefits of the technology often make companies less critical of their chosen solution, but overlooking security can be a major pitfall.

He said that cloud computing opens up businesses to the risk of fraud and hacking attacks, which need to be addressed when a cloud solution is adopted - particularly if staff are going to start using their own mobile devices to access company data.

"Chief information officers are under continued pressure to allow multiple access points into the corporate network via personal devices, such as tablets - [which] also means that security and performance become critical," Mr Codd claimed.

John O'Shea, vice president of networking and product marketing at hardware distribution group Tech Data, believes that anti-spam software is a vital part of network security - particularly as the number of attacks perpetrated via email and over social networks is rising.

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