SOPA-PIPA Will Disrupt UK Tech Services Providers Operations

News Article - Wednesday, 18 January 2012 14:28

Category: Security

Technology solution vendors and service providers in the UK, and other countries, continue to be watchful of the developments around the controversial anti-piracy legislation SOPA-PIPA, even as protests against it go viral.

Two controversial anti-piracy legislations Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), ever since their introduction in the US Congress in October 2011, have caught the global internet community on the back foot. It empowers  businesses across the US to seek blacking out of ‘rouge websites’ carrying content infringing on copyrights, even if they were user-generated; the law will allow blanking out entire DNS names and would immediately affect the very existence of the internet and how sites such as Flickr, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo or Google and others operate.

In fact Open Right Group Campaigner Peter Bradwell has said that,"We are concerned with the jurisdiction issue. The documents are very vaguely worded, but we assume that the bill will extend power over web sites that we wouldn't normally think of as US web sites but that are routed through the US."

This new legislation will greatly impact solution providers and technology vendors in UK and other countries as well. Most, if not many, use blogging, social networks and community-based interactions to market and sell their solutions more often than not ‘borrowing partner vendors content.’  It will also affect service providers dealing with open source software and will largely affect proprietary-based technology solution providers drastically.  Lawsuits between Google Inc and Oracle Java usage in Android Operating Systems and proprietary software infringement tussles under present laws could become unproductive trends with SOPA-backed legislations.

Protests against this legislation is going viral with a host of affected ‘rogue websites’ – Wikipedia, Imgur, BoingBoing, Tucows and even  Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the premier UK game website announced-“From 9am tomorrow morning [Wednesday 18th January 2012] Rock, Paper, Shotgun will be blacked out in protest against SOPA and PIPA. The site will be gone, but for a single black page explaining why we're doing this. And then Thursday morning we'll be back. “

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