Wikileaks hackers put spotlight on business connectivity security

News Article - Thursday, 09 December 2010 12:15

Category: Security

Wikileaks has been all over the news in recent weeks as the steady flow of confidential documents from US embassies around the globe keeps coming. has already been closed down by Amazon's managed hosting service and domain name provider has pulled the plug on its agreement with the controversial free-speech advocate.

However, the action taken by big business to silence the website has caused a huge number of online retaliation attacks from free-speech activists - attacks which have even downed secure payment provider Mastercard.

It seems that business connectivity security will remain in the spotlight for some time as the so-called "hacktivists" announce that other sites will be hit with denial of service attacks in the near future.

PayPal is expected to be hit with a major, malware-led denial of service attack after it blocked online donations on the Wikileaks website.

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